Transcend's Control Center Launches New Era of Remote Management of Embedded Storage Devices


Today, with the advent of the Internet of Everything, enterprises using embedded solutions across their business have found it increasingly crucial to intelligently manage devices and ensure data security across massively distributed networks. Achieving these ends quickly, conveniently, and in a cost-effective manner is a top priority. Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leader in embedded storage solutions, has developed management software, the Control Center, to help clients agilely manage edge devices from the cloud and on premise. This software allows users to remotely manage embedded edge devices, reducing labor and maintenance costs. The software is useful wherever edge devices are widely distributed, such as in automated factories, interactive signage, and ticket vending machines. The Control Center is a powerful, adaptable solution for businesses wishing to cleverly navigate in the interconnected era.  

Manage from the cloud or on premise
The Control Center is set up to give users maximum flexibility and control. Users can connect through cloud-based architectures such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, or install it directly on their local network or server. Users who access the Control Center via the cloud enjoy greater operating efficiency as their business grows, thanks to the rapid scalability this technology provides. On the other hand, users can deploy the system in their local network or servers. Data security is in the hands of the organization. Companies can elect to implement a mixed strategy. 

Real-time notification & remote upgrade
When abnormalities occur, the Control Center will notify users immediately via e-mail or SMS, allowing for rapid system maintenance or data backup to mitigate possible losses. Edge devices can be upgraded directly via the intuitive dashboard to minimize downtime.

Data analysis & security
The Control Center is secured by an SSL certificate. When users input confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, and personal information, this data is delivered via a secure channel. The Control Center provides data analysis in graphic form and boasts an intuitive interface for ease of management. Users can conveniently check on system information, receive notifications, and respond to any situations.

The Control Center supports all Transcend embedded SSDs, memory modules, and SD cards. The Software Development Kit (SDK) offers seamless integration into cross-platform environments. For more insight, please contact Transcend® at

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